Make it your own

Almost every door and window we supply and fit can be personalised by you. This page provides information about most of the things you can choose when you order windows and doors from Market Square Glazing Solutions Ltd.

Please note that the tiny amount of information on this page is supplied only for guidance and inspiration, a much greater number of options are available than we could ever show here. 

Please contact us for more details.

Window and door frames

Depending on the base material – PVCu, aluminium, wood, etc. – our window and door frames come in either prescribed ranges of colours and textures, or you may be able to choose absolutely any colour you like. You can often have a different colour on the inside to that being used on the outside as well. If you haven’t chosen timber-framed windows, a great selection of timber-effect finishes are also available.


Like window and doors frames, our doors themselves come in a huge variety of colour and texture options too, including timber-effect when not using real timber, and some even include bespoke colour matching, so that you can perfectly copy almost any other colour you like.

Handles, stays, locks, letter plates…

Contemporary, traditional and heritage. Depending on the model of window or door chosen, we can supply and fit virtually any style you’d like and in a huge variety of colours and finishes: black, white, bright chrome, brushed steel, gold, brass, pewter and many, many more.

Textured and coloured glass

For privacy or decorative appeal, or both, something other than clear flat glass could be the way to go.

Leading, bars and lamination

For a more sophisticated window, we can also provide leaded glass and window bars, at the same time if desired. 

If enhanced safety is a consideration for you, laminated glass is also an option which we can supply and fit.

Special coatings

Standard double glazing, is much more thermally efficient than single glazing, but efficiency is even better with special insulating coatings. 

And if you have a room, like a conservatory for example, which could or does regularly overheat, we have sunlight-resistant double glazing.

We can even supply and fit self-cleaning double glazing.